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Bristol Channel Fishing – Supporting Angling Communities

Welcome to our website.

A celebration of some great sea angling, we wish to share all the best fishing news from up and down the estuary.

Predominantly Bristol Channel fishing, our website will also bring you special reports from elsewhere. Often amazing captures from one of our very own Channel Anglers.

Supporting the Angling Community is our prime directive – Individuals, angling clubs, charter boats, governing bodies and all parts of the tackle trade.

Match fishing is very close to our hearts, good events deserve good coverage and there are some great competitions taking place in the channel on a weekly basis.

Sharing information is imperative for the longevity of our sport.

Please enjoy this website.

Special Reports

Enjoy interviews about some very special fish – blow by blow accounts from the captors on their fish of a lifetime!

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Shore Fishing Reports

Find out where to fish and what is being caught from the shores of the Bristol channel.

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Boat Fishing Reports

Check out what is happening on our local charter boats and private vessels in the Bristol channel.

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Bait Crusades

Special reports giving you inside information on what is happening in the world of bait.

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Local Fishing Events

Look out for our pre-match reviews on a series of open competitions up and down the Bristol channel.

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Match Reports

Enjoy our detailed match reports after the event.

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Junior Fishing

Supporting the next generation of sea anglers.

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Channel Anglers

Keep an eye out for special catch reports from our seasoned Bristol channel anglers.


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When it comes to local fish conservation we work alongside governing bodies such as the Devon & Severn IFCA.

Devon & Severn Ifca

Click – DSIFCA On Proposed Tidal Lagoons

Charity Fundraisers

Paying special attention to our local clubs and supporting their fundraising events.

Thank you to everyone that supported this match today, a whopping sum of £1300 was raised for the RNLI!


Local Angling Community News

Promoting all the good work done by individual anglers in the Bristol Channel regions of England and Wales.


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Bristol Channel Fishing

Bristol Channel fishing

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