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Veals League Final Match Results

In Match Reports by James T Madsen

On Sunday 24th September we fished the final leg of the 2017 Veals League. This match was fished at Aust, conditions were spot on and the competition was well supported by local anglers.

New League Champion

Congratulations Dave Shore who is our new 2017 Veals League champion!

Dave ended up winning the league by a fair margin after another great result in this final match. Keith Warren was second with a solid league campaign, he struggled in this one but good results in previous matches saw him through. Well done Tony Taylor who enjoyed another good result and consistent league campaign which has seen him to third place!

Story of the Match

Kevin Hughes won the match from peg 47 in C-zone with a single Thornback ray weighing in at 8lb 3oz. Roy Tapper was second with a first cast Thornback weighing 7lb 15oz on peg 15. Russell Preston finished third in the match from peg 49 with a strap conger and Silver eel for a total bag weight of 4lb 7oz.

A-zone pegs 1- 18 produced the most fish – Thornback ray, flounders, Silver eels, whiting and a single sizable codling. Dave Shore managed the best bag of bits with two flounders, one whiting and a silver eel for 2lb 12oz. Roy Tapper won the zone with this ray.

B-zone was dismal. Alan Jenna won the zone with a single flounder and Nick Snow finished second with a Codling of 14oz.

C-zone wasn’t much better, won by Kevin Hughes with a ray and second Russ Preston with a strap Conger. After that there were only odd Silver eels and a solitary flatfish. 

Veals League Match Results


1st Roy Tapper 1 fish 7lb 15oz  £45

2nd Dave Shore 4 fish 2 species 2lb 12oz £20

3rd Gary Withy 4 fish 3 species 2lb 3oz


1st Alan Jenna 1 fish 1lb £40

2nd Nick Snow 1 fish 14oz £20

3rd Steve Sweet 1 fish 14oz


1st Kevin Hughes 1 fish 8lb 3oz £40

2nd Russel Preston 2 fish 2 species 4lb 7oz £20

3rd Tony Taylor 2 fish 1 specie 11oz

Super Pool

1st Kevin Hughes £110

2nd Roy Tapper  £70

3rd Russ Preston  £40

Heaviest Fish

Kevin Hughes  £15

League Summary

It has been another enjoyable series of matches brought to us by Steve Ace and Veals. This has been a tough series at Aust and Littleton but we have seen a good variety of different species and the occasional good match when reasonable numbers of fish were caught throughout. Some of the better matches were in the early summer with numbers of strap Congers, Thornback ray, bass and Silver eels.

We all have serious concerns about the lack of flatfish and the general lack of fish in the latter matches of the league. We would usually expect to find good fishing at Aust and Littleton in September and that just wasn’t the case this year. Fishing in the Channel seems to be always changing and is sometimes hard to predict but on the whole Aust and Littleton remain two of the most consistent venues for match fishing in the Bristol Channel.

Congratulations again to our new champion Dave Shore who has been consistently good throughout the whole league and has always managed to find fish when others have struggled.