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Seaton Fundraiser- Pre-match Review

In Local Angling Community News by James T Madsen

Axe Valley SAC are holding a fundraising competition this Saturday 23rd September on Seaton beach in Devon. The sea angling club is holding this event in the hope to raise funds to go towards the England Ladies World Cup campaign out in South Africa next month.

Seaton Beach

Set in the beautiful surroundings of East Devon, this is a clean shingle beach which gradually drops off  into the depths of Lyme Bay. Past the shingle you will mainly find sand with odd patches of rougher ground on the periphery of the beach.


Entrants will be fishing for the best percentage specimen of two individual species. Once caught one of each specie will be kept in a bucket of sea water and weighed on official match scales at the end of the competition. All fish must be witnessed by a steward immediately after capture. There will be three roving stewards and five fixed stewards on the beach.

Axe Valley have also organised a pool for the longest flatfish, which must be witnessed on the beach by a steward and then measured at the weigh-in by match officials.

Anglers may fish one rod with a maximum of three hooks in the sea at any one time. It will be float and bottom fishing, lures and feathers are not allowed.

Boundaries have been set and fishing will take place towards the mouth of the river Axe and up to the end of the railings at the right hand end of the beach. Please note, fishing in the river is not permitted.


Smooth hounds and corkwing wrasse do not count in this competition.

Species that you may catch at Seaton on Saturday  –

  • Ballon Wrasse
  • Bull huss
  • LSD dogfish
  • Mackerel
  • Scad
  • Garfish
  • Thick lipped mullet
  • Golden grey mullet
  • Bass
  • Tub Gurnard
  • Red Gurnard
  • Pouting
  • Whiting
  • Pollock
  • Ray
  • Plaice
  • Flounder
  • Dover sole
  • Codling
  • Conger eel

Click for – Specimen Weight Guide

Fishing Ideas

Unfortunately it may be a bit breezy at Seaton this Saturday, however, we recommend getting a float out there for mackerel and garfish if at all possible. Small hooks with thin strips of fish belly works well when targeting mackerel and gars, we also recommend varying depth when fishing the float. It is likely that one if not both of these species could figure in the winning bags if conditions allow.

Believe it or not, dogfish are a bit thin on the ground at this time of year at Seaton but a good sized dogfish would be very handy in this competition. Some anglers may catch dogfish casting further out whilst targeting rays and flatfish.

Don’t be afraid to chuck your lead in close, there may be some pollock, bass and flounder in and around the surf line. Try popping up small fish baits at varied distances looking for bites. As for bass, apparently King ragworm is a favourite bait for them at Seaton especially when it is rough.

Enjoy the occasion

These types of matches are very social and enjoyable events attended by anglers of all ages and ability. It will give some the opportunity to try out methods that differ from conventional match fishing techniques. Remember it’s all about the best specimens not numbers of fish, so mix it up, try different things and enjoy yourself!

P.S – Don’t forget your bucket and bring a landing net.