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Channel Anglers 2017 Burnham League

In Match Reports by James T Madsen

We have just finished the Channel Anglers 2017 Burnham League series, in this article we take a look back at each of the five opens and celebrate this year’s champion Daniel Crump!

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2017 Burnham League Champion

Daniel Crump settled in to the fishing at Burnham on Sea like a duck to water. Dan won his zone in the very first match and a string of good results followed from that point. He actually picked up prize money in four out of the five matches in the league which was excellent form. Whilst drawing in some pretty good areas of the beach, Daniel also had to scratch out some results from the harder areas and those results are the ones that win you leagues.

Congratulations to the runners up Danny Woodcock and Roy Tapper. They both put together some great results and Woodcock ran Crumpy close right up to the last match.

2017 Burnham League
Final Top 3 League Positions

1st Daniel Crump £300

2nd Danny Woodcock £200

3rd Roy Tapper £100

2017 Burnham League Reviewed

Match 1 – Sunday 4th June

We had a great turnout of 48 anglers for the first match of the 2017 Burnham League series. Fishing went pretty much as expected with Thornback ray’s taking the top spots, odd Dover sole, Silver eels and straps.


Dave Lane won the match with a single Thornback weighing in at 11lb 14oz, which was also the biggest fish of the entire series. Dan Crump kicked off his league campaign with a good zone win and Danny Woodcock finished second in his zone along with winning the heaviest flatfish. 

Unfortunately in this first match we discovered that a lot of mud had settled on Burnham after a long period of settled weather. The mud situation was so bad that future match times would have to be altered for safety reasons.

Match 2 – Sunday 16th July

Fishing two hours either side of high water, this match will be remembered for Daniel Crump’s awesome bass weighing in at 9lb 3oz!

Dan caught this bass on his last cast with only five minutes left to go in the match. Burnham has a habit of chucking up the occasional special fish and this bass will go down as our fish of the 2017 Burnham League series!

Ben Bradstock won the match with 12lb 2oz. Danny Woodcock sneaked a second place in a very tough zone with a single flounder which would prove valuable as the league progressed.

Match 3 – Sunday 16th July

Summer was now in full flow and we saw a number of good fish in this match. Again we fished two hours either side of high water on the sand but the main difference in this match was the increased numbers of Dover sole.

Justin Bird won the match with a 10lb 8oz ray and Roy Tapper started his great run of form finishing in the frame and scoring good points in the zone.

B- zone which was fished between the Pavilion and the yellow buoy turned out to be a shocker in this 2017 Burnham League series. Both Woodcock and Crumpy drew B-zone in the third match, fishing side by side they both managed to winkle out one small flatfish which got them 1st and 2nd place in the zone. Looking back now that result for the Dans pretty much sealed their futunes because good results in the harder areas of a competitions can often win you leagues.

Match 4 – Sunday 30th July

Probably the match of the series with 7 Thornback ray landed, along with Congers eels and good numbers of Dover sole. Jeremy Clarke won the match with two rays and a Conger, a total bag weight of 18lb 11oz. Roy Tapper was on the charge and scored another good league result with two Thornbacks which got him in the frame for the second match in a row.

There was another cracking battle in A-zone between Woodcock and Crumpy. Danny Woodcock had scratched out 5 fish and was beating Crumpy right up to the dying minutes of match. With only minutes in the contest to go Daniel Crump pulled out a Thornback and won the zone. You can only imagine the look on Danny Woodcocks face when he saw Crump’s Ray!

Match 5 – Sunday 17th September

Everything was all set up for a cracking last match. Only 12 points separated Daniel Crump and Danny Woodcock at the top of the league, Crumpy could be caught but Woodcock would have to win big with a good number of fish. Roy Tapper couldn’t realistically catch Dan Crump but he could overtake Woodcock if the results went his way.

Talk about anticlimax, Burnham fished terribly in the last match which was a suprise because conditions looked ideal. Mind you, in the first five minutes of the match two sizable rays were landed, however, there were only another five fish recorded in the entire match after that period.

Pete Evans won the match with a single ray of 5lb 5oz, Dave Lane was second with another ray of 4lb and Roy Tapper finished third in the match with a single codling of 1lb 7oz. Crumpy and Woodcock both blanked so there would be no change at the top of the league. Roy Tapper, who had fished really well in the last three matches, only needed two more fish to in the end to overtake Danny Woodcock but it wasn’t to be and he finished in 3rd position.

2017 Burnham League Table

Top 10 Positions

Best 4 from 5 results

1st Daniel Crump 820 points  (204/208/199/209) (50)

2nd Danny Woodcock 808 points  (203/199/204/202) (50)

3rd Roy Tapper 805 points (194/204/203/204) (184)

4th Stu Withyman 773 points (189/199/196/189) (50)

5th Tom Bayford 761 points  (194/189/184/194) (50)

6th Dave Lane 652 points  (204/50/199/199) (50)

7th Peter Evans 647 points  (50/194/199/204) (50)

8th James Madsen 638 points (189/50/195/204) (50)

9th Justin Bird 514 points  (50/210/204/50) (0)

10th Neil Evans 472 points  (50/169/50/203) (50)

2017 Burnham League Summary

Burnham can be both a frustrating and rewarding match venue. It would seem that no two tides are the same and is sometimes hard to predict. There were plenty of blanks in the 2017 Burnham League series but there were also some tidy bag weights recorded. We saw a handful of good fish such as bass, Thornback rays and Dover sole. Biggest suprise was no big Conger eels, perhaps that’s down to the lack of whiting in the estuary. Often the quandary for anglers in the matches at Burnham is do I go big or scratch? I guess making the right decisions at the right times is often the difference between winning and losing in match fishing.

Congratulations to Daniel Crump for a splendid and well deserved league victory!

2018 League & Open Dates

There are two separate leagues and an individual Flatfish Open

  • Porlock and Bossington (bait supplied)
  • Burnham League (best 3 from 4 results)
  • Burnham Flatfish Open
  • All Penn Point Opens

Anyone can enter these matches, they are open to all!