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Burnham League Match Results

In Match Reports by James T Madsen

Bristol Channel Anglers

Here is the story and results from the third Channel Anglers league match fished at Burnham on Sea. There were mixed fortunes as we tackled the beach two hours either side of high water on Sunday 16th July.

As seen in the video there were a handful of nice fish caught today, most pleasing was seeing juniors fishing and doing well. Congratulations to young Ben Jones and Jack Reynolds, both lads caught their first ever Dover soles along with Silver eels. Two great prospects for the future and we hope to see you both on the beach again soon.

Story of the day

Burnham league match No 3

A-zone was positioned left of the slipway today and it fished very well. Anglers enjoyed bags of smaller flatfish and Silver eels. This zone produced the match winner Justin Bird who sealed the victory last cast with a Thornback ray of 10lb 8oz.

Ben Bradstock finished second in A- zone thanks to a nice bass caught on the ebbing tide. This fish fell for a single lug very close in on a size 6 hook, it looked a bit dicey for Ben winding it through the surf but he managed to beach it safely.

Stu Withyman also won the flatfish pool in A zone with a lovely 40cm Dover sole, 1lb 10oz on our chart. Stuart scooped the flatfish pool for second league match in a row, £60 in each is a nice little pick up as well.

B-zone was absolutely awful , the pegs around the yellow buoys have produced many match winning bags in the past but not today. Danny Woodcock and Dan Crump did, however, win the zone money from the pegs either side of the bouy but only with a single flounder of 3 1/2oz and a 2oz sole.

C-zone fished slightly better. Roy Tapper won the zone with a Thornback of 7lb 11oz. Dave Lane finished second with a strap and Pete Evans third with a sizable bass.

Full Results & Presentation


1st Justin Bird 1 fish 10lb 8oz £40

2nd Ben Bradstock 3 fish 5lb 2oz £25


1st Danny Woodcock 1 fish 3 1/2oz  £40

2nd Daniel Crump 1 fish 2oz £25


1st Roy Tapper 1 fish 7lb 11oz  £40

2nd Dave Lane 1 fish 2lb 3oz  £25

Super Pool

1st Justin Bird  £80

2nd Roy Tapper £55

3rd Ben Bradstock £25

Heaviest Flatfish

Stuart Withyman 1lb 10oz Dover sole £60

Match Summary

Numbers of smaller Dover sole are definitely on the increase and it was great seeing another nice bass come in this league match today. It’s worth noting there were a number of smaller bass which would have counted in other competitions fished on the venue. Thornbacks are showing and should increase hopefully along with a few more Congers eels. Our next league match and open is in two weeks time on Sunday 30th July.

I’m also really looking forward to our flatfish only competition which is on the 3rd of September, by then the Dover sole fishing will be in full swing!