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Burnham League Open Review

In Catch Reports by James T Madsen

Bristol Channel Anglers

Looking forward to the third match in this year’s Channel Anglers Burnham League and Opens on Sunday 16th July. Here is a review on the venue, our match format, how to fish it and what you can expect to catch.

Fishing Times

Draw [email protected] View Café – Postcode TA8 1BU

Fishing Times  – 10am – 2pm

Call to book peg – 07900651071

These competitions are fished on neaps as the venue tends to fish better on the smaller tides. As it stands the beach can only be fished two hours either side of low or high water because of the mud. We are fishing this one over high which will make it a very clean and accessible competition.

Pegged & Zoned Review

No getting up at stupid o’clock or hanging around for hours in long queues!

We opt for the modern day match format of all pegged and zoned competitions. Ultimately this makes it a much fairer match and stops anglers chasing down the so called hotspots. Prize money is spread about rewarding those anglers who do well in the harder areas of the beach. This format also makes our competitions more relaxed, once signed in participants can enjoy breakfast and chat with fellow anglers knowing that there is no need to rush.

3 Pegged Zones – Two to the right hand side of the pavilion starting around the yellow buoys and one left of the slipway below the café.

Fishing Tactics & Catch Reports

1 rod 3 hooks – no bait bans.

Numbers of smaller flatfish will steadily grow through the summer months at Burnham, especially the numbers of Dover sole. Our flatfish pool offers all anglers a great chance of walking away with an envelope of cash. Flatfish can be caught anywhere on the beach, simple flapping rigs, small hooks with Lug and Ragworm is all that’s needed.

Some anglers may opt for a single bait fished out at range for ray and eels. Small fish or worm baits can work well for both Thornback and Congers fished on a pulley rig or fixed paternoster. Our recommendation is to not go too big with your hooks as large Dover sole have been caught using this method down the years. Be warned, don’t go too light with your snoods either as you may kick yourself if you get bitten off by a bigger eel.

From time to time Burnham chucks up the odd special fish, big Dover sole,  20lb plus Conger eels and even the occasional double figured Smooth hound. In the last match I witnessed Daniel Crump pulling out a bass just ounces off 10lb, with only five minutes of the match left to go he wound in this beauty. It just goes to show that it’s never over until the finale whistle so don’t give up!

Entry Fees & Payouts

Non League £12

100% Payout 10 cash prizes – we pay the top 2 individuals in each of the 3 zones, top three anglers in the match and the angler with the heaviest flatfish.

Burnham Match Review – Sunday 16th July 2017


Pre-book only call James on 07900651071

Draw 9am @Bay View Café – Postcode TA8 1BU

Fishing times – 10am – 2pm

Enjoy a relaxed competition fished with a friendly bunch of anglers.