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Veals League Match Results

In Catch Reports by James T Madsen

Bristol Channel Anglers

Here are the match results from the fourth leg of the 2017 Veals League. This was the best match of the series so far, we saw 125 fish recorded in this one at Littleton upon Severn.

2017 Veals League
Match of the series

The league will be taking shape nicely after the fourth match at Littleton upon Severn. This was a tremendous fishing competition with a good amount of fish landed. There was a great variety of species caught including some nice bass, congers, flounder, Dover sole and Silver eels. As you will see in the match results our new ruling on Conger eels (18cm – measure and return length to weight conversion) has added a whole new dimension to these competitions and there seems to be a good amount of Congers in the upper Channel at the moment.

Story of this match

A-zone was the best section for the second match running at Littleton with 59 fish recorded. Darren Stevens won this zone with a nice bag of flounder for 2lb 12oz, closely followed by Dave Fortune with 2lb 5 3/4oz in second place. There were some sizable bass caught in A-zone along with strap congers and these fish made up the better weights.

B-zone was the hardest zone on the night with only 24 fish recorded. Dave Ford won the zone with a nice bag made up of 2 congers and a bass for 2lb 15 1/2oz. Dave is new to match fishing and this is his best result to date so congratulations are in order. Second place in this zone fell to a well seasoned match pro, Julian Shambrook took the honours with a single strap weighing 1lb 3oz.

C-zone fished pretty well with 42 fish recorded. There was a tie for first place between me (James Madsen) and Pete Evans,  both of us weighing in at exactly 3lb 9 1/4oz. I enjoyed a great start with a 2lb 8oz bass in the first five minutes of the match, swiftly followed up with another smaller bass and three silver eels. Peter already had a Dover sole and a silver eel on his card when he found a couple of congers right on high water, losing a third close to the bank cost him all out victory in this contest. 

Match Results

1st Darren Stevens 4 fish 1 specie 2lb 12oz £45

2nd Dave Fortune 4 fish 3 species 2lb 5 3/4oz  £25

3rd Alan Jenna 4 fish 2 species 1lb 10oz

3rd Mark Warlock 6 fish 4 species 1lb 10oz

5th Roy Tapper 4 fish 3 species 1lb 8 3/4oz


1st Dave Ford 3 fish 2 species 2lb 15 1/2oz  £45

2nd Julian Shambrook 1 fish 1lb 3oz £25

3rd Steve Sweet 1 fish 1lb 2oz

4th Steve Davis 1 fish 1lb

5th Rich Dorgan 2 fish 2 species 14 1/2oz

5th Adam Brooks 4 fish 2 species 14 1/2oz


1st James Madsen 5 fish 2 species 3lb 9 1/4oz  £35

1st Peter Evans  4 fish 3 species 3lb 9 1/4oz £35

3rd Steve Ace 11 fish 3 species 3lb 1 1/2oz

4th Ian Brice 4 fish 3 species 2lb 1oz

5th Nigel Putbrace 4 fish 3 species 1lb 12oz

Super Pool

1st James Madsen & Peter Evans £230 split.

3rd Steve Ace £40

Heaviest Fish

James Madsen 2lb 8oz Bass £15

Match Summary

The match venues in the top of the Channel are starting to come into their own, as it’s been proven down the years Aust and Littleton are two very consistent areas producing some great match results. We are now half way through this league and the latter four matches should continue to produce good levels of fish. Numbers of Dover sole, Silver eels and bass will now increase right the way through to September. Personally I can’t see the levels of strap Congers dropping and we may even see a few better eels along with Thornback ray in the August and September matches.

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