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Veals League Aust – Results

In Match Reports by James T Madsen

Channel Anglers

We endured a very wet night at Aust in the third match of the 2017 Veals League. Thirty four anglers signed on to fish, the venue produced some good bag weights and a few bonus fish for the upper part of the estuary.

2017 Veals League

Match No3 Aust

Mike Gale followed up from his good result last weekend at Burnham with a brilliant match win in this one. A Thornback ray and two congers gave him a nice total bag weight of 12lb 5oz and £265 prize money!

Congratulations Mike!

A- zone

There were twenty four fish recorded in this zone. Mike Gale won it followed by Mark Watts in second place. Mark had a nice bag of 9lb 3oz, made up of two Conger eels and a snotty. Much to some people’s suprise Squid baits produced the winning bag in the zone.

B- Zone

John Lintern fished really well bagging the most fish by an individual in this competition. We have seen a massive influx of strap Congers at Aust and Johnny caught four to go with two flounder. Andy Madsen managed to winkle out three flatfish for 2lb 1oz and second in the zone. Twenty one fish were recorded, bites were few and far between for most.

C- Zone

Steve Ace was back to winning ways with a nice bag of 5 Silver eels for 2lb 4oz. He did very well considering there was a 50ft long line fishing in front of him, not something we like seeing on these venues. Adam Brooks was a close second with 2lb 3oz off the next peg. He blew the zone losing a silver eel in the grass whilst having a water change, school boy error, unlucky Adam!

Results – Match No3 Aust

A- Zone

1st Mike Gale 3 fish 2 species 12lb 5oz £45

2nd Mark Watts 3 fish 2 species 9lb 3oz £25

3rd Dave Ford 2 fish 1 specie 2lb 5oz

B- Zone

1st John Lintern 6 fish 2 species 3lb 11oz £45

2nd Andy Madsen 3 fish 2 species 2lb 1oz £25

3rd Dave Lovelock 3 fish 2 species 1lb 1oz

C- Zone

1st Steve Ace 5 fish 1 species 2lb 4oz £45

2nd Adam Brooks 4 fish 2 species 2lb 3oz £25

3rd Phil Uniake 2 fish 2 species 1lb 3oz

Top 3 Overall

1st Mike Gale £90

2nd Mark Watts £55

3rd John Lintern £30

Heaviest Fish

Mike Gale 9lb 2oz Thornback ray  £15

Golden Peg

Mike Gale  £115

Well done to all those that finished in the prize money. It was great to see a Thornback ray and a few better Congers in this match. Fair play to Mike for going big and fishing with squid, it certainly paid off for him!

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