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Channel Anglers Burnham League- Results

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Bristol Channel Anglers

We had a super turnout of 48 anglers for the first leg of the Channel Anglers Burnham League today, Sunday 4th June. Set to be a tough first match, however,  we did see a few good fish hitting the measures.

Channel Anglers Burnham League

Story of the match

A couple of good fish kicked off the match in early stages, on the last part of the ebbing tide Tim Theyer landed a bass, followed by a ray for Daniel Crump on the next peg in B-zone. Dave Lane won the match in A-zone mid way through the contest with a decent Thornback converting to 11lb 14oz on the chart. Mike Gale left it very late in C-zone with a 10lb 1oz Thornie on his last cast of the match. There were a handful of Dover sole, best one 1lb 6oz caught by Danny Woodcock and that took the flatfish pool. There is no stopping Daniel Crump at the moment, a great result for newbee Mike Gale and I was really pleased the Weymouth lads getting a good result after their efforts last year.

Really looking forward to the next match as the numbers of fish are set to grow in the warmer months on Burnham. Fingers crossed for a bit of wind to clean some of that mud off the venue, unfortunately the lovely settled weather of late has left a fair amount of mud on the beach. It actually turned out to be a good decision fishing this one over low on the harder clay in the river bed, perhaps 2hrs either side of low water would have been the ideal scenario.

Channel Anglers Burnham League Results


1st Dave Lane 1 fish 11lb 14oz £50

2nd Richard Dorgan 1 fish 4lb 6oz £35

3rd Steve Ace 1 fish 14oz


1st Daniel Crump 1 fish 7lb 11oz £50

2nd Tim Theyer 1 fish 3lb £35

3rd Tom Bayford  1 fish 1lb 14oz

C- Zone

1st Mike Gale 1 fish 10lb 1oz £50

2nd Danny Woodcock 2 fish 2 species 1lb 9oz £35

3rd Jim Leighton 1 fish 4 1/2oz

Super Pool

1st Dave Lane £120

2nd Mike Gale £80

3rd Daniel Crump £45

Heaviest Flatfish

Danny Woodcock 1lb 6oz Dover Sole £95

It’s worth noting that the flatfish pool is well worth winning in this league.

Great News

A terrible thing happened this morning after the draw, Dave Shore’s dog Rizo was run over by a car. We were all devasted for Dave. Well the great news is that after surgery Rizo is making a miraculous recovery. Witnessing the accident first hand I had feared the worse but he is obviously one very tough dog. The surgeon who operated said it was a miracle he was not killed, prayers were answered and we are so happy for them both!

Junior Event

Weston SAA held a junior competition directly after our match today and congratulations are in order for Channel Angler’s young Jack Reynolds. Jack put in a stellar performance on the beach this afternoon winning the match by some margin. His bag consisted of Silver eels, flounder, bass and whiting. Well done on a great result Jack!

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