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2017 Burnham League Review

In Catch Reports by James T Madsen

Bristol Channel Anglers

Our 2017 Burnham League is set to kick off this coming Sunday 4th June. We are proud to say that this event is growing in popularity and it would be nice to see record attendances for us in this year’s contests.

2017 Burnham League

Joining the league

Due to these matches being pegged and zoned there is limited availability, however, we do still have a few places available for this first match. Joining the league guarantees your place in all five matches, plus allows you to fish for the cash prizes alloted to the top three overall. League entrants will also get their match fees reduced from £12 to £7 in each competition.

Pre-book now, call James Madsen 07900651071

Please note, all matches are Penn Points awarded and can also be fished as individual opens.

Match Practice

Wednesday 31st May

We earmarked this tide for a practice session, joined by young Jack Reynolds and his dad Richard we fished the venue hoping to give a heads up on what to expect Sunday. Bites from the get go, I’m very pleased to announce that the Dover sole have arrived on Burnham!

With bites at varied casting distances we saw a good variety of different species. Jack christened his new rod with a flounder and a Silver eel in the margins.

As the water fell away the rays came on the feed and I picked up a bonus Conger eel. Both species falling for fish bait out in the run, a little extra distance seemed to make all the difference on the day.

It was great helping Jack today and he is now looking forward to the junior match which takes place directly after our competition Sunday. Fish hard Jack, wishing you all the very best!

Sunday’s Contest

Meeting Place – Car park opposite the Lifeboat centre, Burnham sea front.

Drawing for pegs will commence at 7.30am, fishing 8.30am to 12.30pm. Fishing over low water, 1 hour down and 3 hours back up. It will be muddy but we will be fishing from harder clay in the river bed for the majority of the match. Nevertheless, waders are highly recommended!

Entry fees and Payouts

100% Payout on all money received!

£12 Non- league entrants

£7 league entrants

Paying the top 2 anglers in each of the three zones, top 3 overall and heaviest flatfish.

Match Rules

1 rod 3 hooks.

Fishing from your alloted peg only, within the stated fishing times.

Catch, measure, witness, return and convert to weight (Charts provided).

All fish must be witnessed and return in front of your neighbouring angler.

A running total must be recorded by that neighbouring angler.

All match cards are to be signed off on the final whistle.

Size Limits

18cm and in on all flatfish.

70cm and in for Conger eels.

No size limits on Silver eels – to be converted on an individual chart by match organisers.

All other species are set to national minimum size limits (Please refer to charts).

Any questions please call James Madsen on 07900651071.

Look forward to the fishing

We predict a couple of Thornback rays winning this first match. Fingers crossed we’ll see a few more congers on the beach and it looks like the numbers of Dover sole will be good again this year. There really is something for everybody, long and short range fishing. The cash prize for the heaviest flatfish should give everyone something to fish for if the bigger species are alluding them. Never rule out anything on Burnham as it has a habit of throwing up a few suprises from time to time, big Bass, codling, even the occasional Smooth hound!