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Veals League Match 2 – Results

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We enjoyed round 2 of the Veals League on Sunday 14th May at Littleton upon Severn. Forty six anglers attended the match in fair conditions, with mixed fortunes on the fishing front.

Veals League Match 2

Early Start

With the venue fishing reasonably well in mid week practice the general mood was pretty up beat in this early morning competition. Anglers began to arrive at 6am for a 7.15am draw, fishing was between 8.15am – 12.15pm.

It was really good to see a few more new faces fishing this match, it was also great to see a few old ones too. There is a good few years fishing experience between Steve Ace and Nigel Ainscough!

We are lucky to have such a great bunch of people fishing these competitions, a good mix of anglers from total beginners to well seasoned pros.

Match Story

Zone A was the place to be today with a total of 52 sizable fish recorded. Dave Shore won the zone and the match from peg 7, this was well deserved as he was fishing through a rather nasty stomach bug. Davey landed 3 flounder and 2 Silver eels for a good total bag weight of 2lb 14 1/4oz.

Zone B was really tough going with only 16 sizable fish. Bert Ford had what turned out to be a stroke of genius (most unlike Bert) when a good bite resulted in his gear getting caught up in the margins.  Rather than pull for a break,  Bert sat on his hands for a good hour and a half until the tide retreated. This resulted in a nice flounder and an eel which turned out to be enough for a good zone win!

Zone C fished slightly better than B with 22 sizable fish. Tony Taylor is following some great form from the winter league both in the draw and his fishing. It was another good zone win on the end peg for Tony with 5 fish for 1lb 13 1/4oz.

Zonal Results

A- Zone

1st Dave Shore 5 fish 2 species 2lb 14 1/4oz  £45

2nd Kev Daly 4 fish 2 species 2lb 6 1/2oz £25

3rd Tom Bayford 3 fish 1 specie 2lb 6oz

4th James Madsen 5 fish 3 species 1lb 14 1/4oz

5th Keith Warren 10 fish 2 species 1lb 12oz

B- Zone

1st Bert Ford 2 fish 2 species 1lb £45

2nd Bradley Nicholls 1 fish 10oz £25

3rd Neil Evans 3 fish 2 species 8 1/2oz

4th Matt Green 2 fish 2 species 8 1/4oz

5th Nigel Ainscough 2 fish 1 specie 7 3/4oz

C- Zone

1st Tony Taylor 5 fish 2 species 1lb 13 1/4oz £45

2nd Russel Preston 3 fish 2 species 1lb 12 1/2oz £25

3rd Rob Chapman 2 fish 1 specie 1lb 11oz

4th Steve Davis 1 fish 1lb 4oz

5th Adam Brooks 2 fish 2 species 11 1/2oz

Top 3 Anglers

1st Dave Shore  £145

2nd Kev Daly  £95

3rd Tom Bayford £45

Heaviest Fish

Russel Preston 1lb 2oz Flounder  £15

Congratulations to all the winners and everyone who registered a few fish. It was a funny one with some anglers saying it was their best match for many years and others saying it was their worst. Just goes to show it can be very much down to a good draw, but as we say,  you’ve still got to catch them!

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