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AFAW – Fish of the Year

In Catch Reports by James T Madsen

Bristol Channel Anglers

We have just completed the first year of our Channel Anglers SAC fish of the month competition. There are twelve fantastic monthly winners, only four will make it through to the Fish of the Year final vote!

Channel Anglers SAC – Fish of the Year

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Managing director of AFAW Julian Shambrook will now pick the top four contenders to go through to the final vote.

Check these awesome winners, congratulations to every one of them!

It was Bristol Channel only, boat and shore.

May 2016

Tim Theyer won the first monthly heat with this incredible 64lb Conger eel!

Not just a new personal best but also a new Welsh Federation boat record!

Click – Record Breaking Conger

June 2016

Steve Denning was the deserved winner in June with this extremely rare 44lb Angel Shark!

Landed on Steve’s private boat which was anchored just off Aberthaw powerstation in South Wales. This amazing fish was returned alive.

Click- Special report Angel Shark

July 2016

We saw another amazing achievement in July with a shore caught Porbeagle shark. A joint effort between Simon Shaw and Mark Turner!

Wow, what an experience – Click for story!

August 2016

Our victor this month was Barry Johnson with his 12lb 2oz lure caught bass!

Caught in the Lougher river, a new personal best and fish of a lifetime on a lure!

September 2016

A beautiful 2lb 8oz Dover sole for Anthony Buik in the Big Burnham Open!

Heaviest flatfish in a great contest where a total of 88 sole were landed!

Click- Big Burnham Open report

October 2016

Brennan Page won this month with his new personal best Blonde ray weighing in at 18lb 4oz!

That will take some beating, a great achievement for the eighteen year old lad!

AFAW Sponsor Fish of the Year!

November 2016

Another well deserved winner in November, Kelly Smith and his 46lb shore caught Tope!

All the hours finally paid off for Kelly and he joined the 40lb club!

December 2016

Bradley Carroll had a great suprise when he pulled out this month’s winner, 4lb 12oz Bristol Channel Haddock!

We are starting to see more and more smaller Haddock venturing up the Channel, however, this one was an absolute corker!

January 2017

Congratulations to Joseph Williamson on his first ever Tope weighing in at 32lb 6oz!

This one came from a rock mark in North Devon, a great capture on this side of the Channel.

February 2017

Ben Eastman won February with a splendid 12lb 8oz shore caught Spurdog!

Again we are starting to see greater numbers of this particular specie caught from the shore, however, they are still very high up on the list for many specimen hunters.

March 2017

A good win for Richie Williams with his new personal best 16lb Blonde ray.

Caught from the White Light in Barry, Richie was over the moon with this capture!

April 2017

Our final month in this yearly competition was won by Thomas Morgan with his superb 12lb bass!

Another grand old fish of a lifetime, well done Thomas!

Channel Anglers SAC – Fish of the Year

Wowzers what a great years fishing in the Bristol Channel!

We don’t envy Julian’s job of picking out four winners from this wonderful lot!

Once the top four contenders have been picked we will be holding the public vote for the Fish of the Year on our Facebook page Channel Anglers. (Link below)

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Channel Anglers Facebook

Join our group and vote. The photo with the most likes wins the title plus a great prize from Anyfish Anywhere!

Voting will take place on Friday 12th May, closing on Saturday 13th May 2017 at 10pm.

Fish of the Month / Year

This is an ongoing competition, Bristol Channel caught fish only.

Thanks to our sponsors Ammo Baits, Sakuma and Veals Fishing Tackle Bristol who will all be continuing to send out the monthly prizes.

Anyfish Anywhere have also agreed continued support with our fish of the year, thank you Julian.

Get involved and enter now!

Fish of the Year, anyfish anywhere, Channel Anglers, James Madsen