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Veals League Results

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Bristol Channel Anglers

Results from the first match in the 2017 Veals League fished at Littleton upon Severn. Please enjoy our detailed report of the days fishing, a great match in the upper reaches of the Channel.

Veals League

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This one was a sell out with all 60 pegs booked!

Forty two anglers have signed up for the entire league, old and new faces combined. It looks like it should be a cracking series and a tough one with some good quality anglers in the field.

Having these events well supported makes all the hard work and organisation worth while, thank you. Weather man got it wrong this morning and we were all welcomed with light winds and sunshine which was a real bonus! 

Fishing Littleton

Today’s fishing was pretty much as expected minus any sizable codling. There had been reports only days ago of a few fish around the 3lb mark but we didn’t see any hit the scales in this one.

There was a nice suprise with a couple of early Dover sole and a single bass taking the heaviest fish.

Flounders and Silver eels also hit the measuring sticks, caught in odd pockets throughout the match stretch. As is so often the case you need to be very patient on this venue and make the most of your bites when they come along. It was important today to try and get all five top ups registered on your card and then a weigher in the bucket.

Fishing is set to get much better from here on in, as the temperatures rise so will the levels of flounder, Silver eels and Dover sole.

A – Zone Results

1st Mark Warlock 1 fish 1lb 4oz £40

2nd Keith Warren 2 fish 2 species 14 1/2oz £25

3rd Chris Stephens 2 fish 2 species 13 1/4oz

4th Dave Ford 2 fish 2 species 12 3/4oz

5th Graham Woods 1 fish 12oz

Congratulations Mark Warlock winning the zone with a bass which also took the heaviest fish of the day. There were plenty of undersize codling in this zone, along with odd flounders and Silver eels.

B – Zone Results Top 5

1st Andy Duncan 2 fish 2 species 1lb 6oz £40

2nd James Madsen 2 fish 1 specie 1lb 3 3/4oz £25

3rd Paul Curtis 1 fish 12oz

4th Tony Irwin 1 fish 8oz

5th Matt Green 2 fish 1 specie 7oz

Congratulations Andy Duncan winning the zone with a nice flounder and Dover sole. Fishing was much the same as A zone with just a few more flatfish.

C – Zone Results Top 5

1st Darren Stevens 2 fish 2 species 1lb 8oz £40

2nd Andy Madsen 1 fish 15oz £12.50

2nd Roy Tapper 1 fish 15oz £12.50

4th Nick Snow 2 fish 2 species 13 3/4oz

5th Dai Loder 3 fish 1 specie 7 3/4oz

Congratulations Darren Stevens who also had a nice Dover sole and a flounder. C – Zone can often produce a better stamp of fish, both with flats and Silvers. Dai Loder manged 3 eels in this zone, the most by an individual in today’s match.

Super Pool

1st Darren Stevens  £195

2nd Andy Duncan  £130

3rd Mark Warlock  £65

Heaviest Fish

Mark Warlock 1lb 3oz Bass £15 and a keg of Scrumpy!

Results, Veals, Channel Anglers, Littleton

Kindly donated by Tony Irwin

Good Times Ahead

I think most that fished today really enjoyed themselves. Littleton is a comfortable venue which can be very rewarding if you cash in on your bites. It was lovely to be met with some new faces and catch up with a few people from our social media group. The fishing is set to get better in May and it would be great to have another fully booked event!