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Spring Fishing – Shore Review

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Bristol Channel Anglers

The spring fishing has really come to life over this past week, we have seen a further increase in the number of Thornback ray, odd Bass and some great hauls of Codling.

Head to the reefs for the best of the fishing action!

The majority of the fishing in these reports took place a few hours either side of low water.

Spring Fishing – Shore Review – Sponsored by Rock Grip

Spring Fishing – Codling

Chris Buxton headed out to the reefs at Sand Point with a hunch he would find a pocket of fat Spring run Codling, he was right!

Chris enjoyed a busy period over low water, landing the fish in quick succession as they passed through the reef.

The Cod are on our reefs hunting for Crab, gorging their bellies before making the journey back out to the Irish Sea.

These fish fell to peeler crab and Ragworm fished on a pulley rig.

Well done Chris, a cracking session, top angling!

Spring Fishing – Bass

The Bass are beginning to hit our beaches, even though all fish need to be returned alive until July 1st 2016, we can still enjoy catching them!

Ed Matysiak from Hereford landed this nice early Bass from Weston town beach on Saturday.

Ed was targeting Flounder, getting some practice in for the up and coming Weston SAA open shore competition, which is taking place on Sunday 3rd April.

Bristol Channel Fishing

The Bass fell to Lugworm fished on a two hook flapping rig, ebbing tide, just after high water.

A tip wrenching bite and a nice surprise!

Great fishing Ed!


Nathan Davies landed this beauty on Friday night at low water on a secret location in South Wales!

A cracking Bass and great to see!

Well done Nathan!

Spring Fishing – Ray

The Ray numbers are increasing rapidly week by week, especially the Thornbacks on the English side of the estuary.

Thornback Ray

Tradionally the numbers of male fish start to build from mid March onwards, moving in on the bigger females of the specie.

There were some real crackers landed at low water over the weekend, in between Brean Down and Clevedon.

These Rays are all big double figure females!

All four fish were caught in a Weston Outcast club rover, some of their members enjoyed some incredible rod bending action!

Well done lads, top rods!

Blonde Ray

The Blonde Ray are being caught intermittently in South Wales and the odd bigger fish coming out in the Minehead region of the channel.

Robert Gregg from Barry landed this corker on Sunday!

A splendid new PB, weighing in at 15lb 14oz!

This was Robert’s first trip out for a while, he dusted off his rods and headed out for a session locally in Barry, South Wales. It was only 20 minutes into the session when he hooked up with this beauty!

Caught on whole squid, lashed to a pulley pennel rig.

Fantastic fish Rob, well done!

Small Eyed Ray

We have seen some fine examples of this particular specie of ray over the past couple of weeks and here is another fantastic fish!

Caught and landed by Dylan Short in Porthcawl, South Wales.

Dylan chose fishing instead of sleep after a long night at work, great chioce matey!

Caught on a pulley rig with fish bait.

A cracking Ray Dylan, fantastic fishing!

Spotted Ray 

Here is another beautiful Ray specie and again one we have seen intermittently over the past months on both sides of the channel.

Kelly Smith, a nice 3lb 4oz Spotted!


Kelly went out last week, braving the cold north easterly winds and building swells on a rock mark near Porthcawl.

This Ray fell to Sandeel, fished on a pulley pennel.

Beauty Kelly, well done matey!

The Bristol Channel boasts some of the best Ray fishing in the country. Many anglers prefer prolonged periods of calm weather but they can be caught in all conditions and on any size tide. Low water is a favourite amongst locals, on one of the many reefs located in the estuary.

Spring Fishing – Conger

After some big Eels on the boats, it’s that time of year when we expert to see a few more coming in shore.

David Llewellyn had a 21lb 10z belter!

David hit the rough ground on a mark in South Wales last weekend and enjoyed a super little session. He had plenty of bites, mainly smaller fish before hitting into this beast!

The conger fell for a big squid and pollock bait on a 8/O pulley pennel.

Nice eel David, tip toppling action, well done!

Spring Fishing – Gareth Griffiths Heads West – Team White Water

Click – Sponsored by White Water Charters

Gareth took a break from the boats last weekend and headed west to target Huss!

Counting down the months until the Tope return to the shores of West Wales, Gareth and Lee Jones hit one of their favoured summer marks hoping for some sort of action.

Lee didn’t waste any time catching the bait, a nice 3 bearded Rockling! The pulleys with heavy gauge 8/O hooks were put on and the angling pair sat it out.

Hours passed with very little action, until evenchally Gareth’s rod went over!

The result, a big dog of a Bull Huss!

A cracking double figured specimen, well worth the wait and long journey!

Great result for GG!

Counting down – Only about 3 months to go until Tope time!


Yet again this week we have had some cracking action by some quality anglers!

There are exciting times ahead, the first Smooth-hounds have been caught on the boats this week, the bass are starting to hit our beaches and it won’t be long before we see the first Sole!

Bring it on!

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